Ipswich Red Raiders

Ipswich Red Raiders, “a melting pot of awesome contenders!”

“A melting pot of awesome contenders were the Ipswich Red Raiders, members of a semiprofessional football league active during the late 1930’s and 1940’s. The Ipswich Red Raiders won the division championship in 1935. Made up of Ipswich men in their twenties and early thirties, they played teams from the surrounding cities and as far north as Augusta, Maine.” The photo below is from William M. Varrell’s book, Ipswich (Images of America). (Photo courtesy Ted Lezon, text courtesy Bill Varrell)

The 1935 winning lineup for the Ipswich Red Raiders was: D’Jardois, quarterback; Presley, center; Budlon, LE; Waz Galanis, LT; Barngos, LG; Green, L; Bokron, RG; J. Costs, Brown, RT; Pickeye RE; Leclair, LHB; S. Costas; J. Bokron, FB; Lauriston, RHB

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