The Ipswich Townie Test

In 2008 the Ipswich Chronicle ran a series of articles called “The Townie Test”. Readers responded with their answers.

Taffy Hill
Taffy Hill

Q1: Name the successful Ipswich retail merchant known as “Taffy.”

A: Howard “Taffy” Hill

Q2: What was the name of the dry cleaning business that was once located on the present site of the EBSCO parking lot on Union Street?
A: Daisy Lane

Q3: Name the Ipswich resident who served first as junior high school principal and went on to be a great principal of the High School?
A: Joseph Rogers

Q4: Name the pharmacy that was located on the present site of the Five Corners Deli.
A: Quint’s

Q5: Who was the Ipswich police officer who was instrumental in the founding of the Teen Club?
A: Joseph Carpenter

Q6: What was the name of the furniture store located next to Art’s Garage on Topsfield Road?

A: Metropolitan Furniture

Q7: Name the elementary school that was located on Green Street.
A: Shatswell School

Q8: Who was the Ipswich junk dealer who rode the town streets in his horse-drawn wagon during the early 1950s? He lived on Hammatt Street.
A: Joe Adelman

Q9: Do you remember the name of the two grocery chain stores located near each other on Market Street?
A:First National and A&P

Q10: What sport did Bill Karstones and Louis Galanis promote in Ipswich?
A: Bowling

Woolworths in Ipswich
Woolworth’s moved to the right side of Market Street

Q11: Name the department store that moved from one side of Market Street to the location of the present Zodiac Paint store.
A: Woolworth’s

Q12: Name the restaurant on High Street founded by the Gianakakis family.
A: White Cap

Q13: Give the last name of the wealthy Ipswich resident who sold his estate on Jeffrey’s Neck Road to the Sisters of Notre Dame.
A: Warburton

Q14: What current Ipswich restaurant once had a sign at the start of Great Neck advertising its famous product?
A: Riverview

Q15: What was the name of the coffee house once located on South Main Street?
A: King’s Rook

Q16: Hi-Liner was the name of a product made in Ipswich. What was this product?
A: Boats

Q17: What was the name of the movie theater located on Market Street?
A: Strand

Q18: What summer sports activity were Ipswich young people involved in at “Third Tree?”
A: Swimming

Q19: Who coached the Ipswich High School Tigers to the 1960 Class D state football championship?
A: Elliott Roundy

Q20: What is the name of the brook that runs through the center of Ipswich?
A: Farley Brook

Townie Test # 2

Q1. Name the dry cleaners that were located on the site of the present Ipswich Oriental Rugs near Choate Bridge.
A. Paramount

Q2. Name the barbershop that was located where Rainbow Jewelers is located today.
A. Jodoin’s.

Q3. Who was the Ipswich resident who ran a small dairy on Washington Street?
A. Nick Zervas.

Q4. Who was the Ipswich resident who kept cows in a small barn across from the Linebrook playground?
A. Fred Harris.

Q5. Name the principal of the first Winthrop School in the early 1950s. Her husband was the fire chief.
A. Lee Atherly.

Q6. Name the last name of the brothers who sold “Ticco” Brand” clams.

Q7. What is the “nickname” of the man who invented the Riverview pizza?
A. “Chick” Benirowski.

Q8. There were two hardware stores on Market Street in the 1950s, name them.
A. Goodhue’s and Ciolek’s.

Q9. This man was dedicated to the youth of Ipswich. He was a physical education teacher at Ipswich High School and coached a variety of sports. He started a very successful wrestling program at the High School.
A. Bob “Coach” Burke

Q10. This man lived next to the Linebrook playground. He was responsible for keeping the lights on in Ipswich.
A. AIfred Tobiasz

Q11. There were two doctors whose offices were located on the stretch of Central Street from the fire station to Lord’s Square. Can you name them?
A. Dr. Arthur Baer and Dr. Frank Collins.

Q12. Who ran the Lakeside Restaurant on Hood’s Pond?
A. Jack Hackett.

Q13. Name the brand of gas that Orlando DeAmario first sold at his station on Central Street; the brand later became CITGO.
A. Jenney.

Q14. What subject did Frank Chadbourne teach in the Ipswich public schools?
A. Art.

Q15. What was the name of the Italian restaurant that was located on the site of the present Wolf Hill on Route 1?
A. Casali’s.

Q16. What family sold new Plymouth and DeSoto cars on Hammatt Street?
A. Barney.

Q17. Name the man who ran a seafood restaurant on Argilla Road.
A. Russell Grant.

Q18. On Nov. 9, 2007 workers demolished a building on Hammatt Street that once housed a fuel oil company run by this man. The building was on the same side of the street as the old gas company building.
A. Earl Elliott.

Q19. George Bouzianis ran a small luncheonette on Central Street. What was it called?
A. Beaver’s.

Q20. Students from Ipswich High School (when it was located on Green Street) liked to go to this establishment after school for ice cream and a cherry coke. It was located in the Tyler Block on Central Street. What was it called?
A. Janice’s.

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