Early 20th century parade in Ipswich with fire trucksRoads


Photos from 20th Century Ipswich parades

Early 20th Century Ipswich parade with firemen marching
Memorial Day parade 1943, heading north on High Street from Lords Square
High St. parade
Parade on High Street, 1950s
Ipswich parade
The boy on the crossbar is David Updike, the boy riding it is Keith Pierce, also of East street, and the one behind is Billy Clancy. Colonel Appleton is behind.
1955 Ipswich parade
Memorial Day or Jimmy Fund parade approximately 1955, heading down East Street toward County Street
Veterans Day in the 1940s
Ipswich Armistice Day parade
Armistice Day parade 1919
Armistice parade 1919
Another photo from the huge Armistice Day parade of 1919. This is Central Street, and the trolley tracks are clearly visible.
Shatswell drum and fife corps, Ipswich MA, 1929
Shatswell drum and fife corps, Ipswich MA, 1929
1937 Fourth of July parade in Ipswich
1937 Fourth of July parade, turning the corner from Market Street to Central Street

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