Ipswich Museum Sunday strolls, April – May, 2021

The Ipswich Museum is hosting a series of “Sunday Strolls” beginning in April. Each guided walk around town will explore a historical theme.

  • Limited to 10 people per event.
  • Masks required.
  • $10 Tickets, reservations required. Reserve your tickets online or call the museum at 978-356-2811
  • Walks begin at 2pm departing from the Ipswich Museum Heard House.

Sunday April 11Geologic Tour of Ipswich: There are two continents and an ancient ocean within a 1/4 mile of the Ipswich Museum. Join Scott Jewel on a walk around town and learn the hidden history beneath your feet.

Sunday April 18Ipswich in the Revolution: Who knew that Ipswich was in the epicenter of the American Revolution? Join Scott Jewel on a walk around town and learn about what happened here 245 years ago

Sunday April 25 – The Port of Ipswich: Did you know Ipswich was a custom port from 1705 -1844? Join Scott Jewel for a walk to the site of old port and explore this fascinating part of the town’s rich history.

Sunday May 2Arthur Wesley Dow’s Ipswich: Join Dow Curator Stephanie Gaskins as she guides us around town through the life and work of Ipswich artist, Arthur Wesley Dow.

Sunday May 9 – The Dams and Bridges of Ipswich: We use these bridges every day, but hardly give them a second thought as significant pieces of history. Join Scott Jewel for a walk around the town and learn about the stories the bridges and dams can tell.

Sunday May 16Slavery in Ipswich: Join the museum’s educator, Erin Rice, on a walk around town to discuss the names and forgotten labors of the enslaved people that lived here, but also Ipswich’s links to the transatlantic slave trade, the legalization of slavery throughout the colony, and landmark freedom suits.

Sunday May 23 – The Ipswich Female Seminary: Join Dow Curator, Stephanie Gaskins, on a journey back to the early 19th century when Ipswich was home to the Ipswich Female Seminary, an early school for the higher education of women.

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  1. Hi Gordon,

    Those look like excellent excursions sponsored by the Ipswich Historical Society. Good to see that they are up and running again.

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