Dustbane–sawdust in a can!

Dustbane cannister

Dustbane Products was founded in 1908 by two entrepreneurial Canadians, Chester E. Pickering and George W. Green, who managed to convince people to buy pine-scented sawdust for cleaning floors, despite the fact that people already used free sawdust for that purpose. U.S. Manufacturing plants were established in Chicago and Ipswich. The Ipswich plant was on Washington St., which gave the company immediate access to the rail lines. It was just across the tracks from the Canney Lumber Company on Depot Square. Canney Lumber and the Burke Heel Factory burned in a spectacular fire in 1933.

Fire damaged the factory of the Dustbane Manufacturing Company in Ipswich on Tuesday night, October 15, 1912, at a loss of $20,000. The company continued its Ipswich operations, but the building was totally destroyed by fire in 1964 (from the 1964 Ipswich Town Report)

Dustbane Products Ltd is still a successful Canadian company.

The Dustbane factory, photo by George Dexter
The Dustbane factory, photo by George Dexter
Dustbane factory fire
The Dustbane site after the building burned. Photo by Bruce Lord
Dustbane factory fire
Photo by Bruce Lord

3 thoughts on “Dustbane–sawdust in a can!”

  1. Gordon, regarding the Dustbane. I found a 1932 ad in an online Ipswich Directory. Page 51 & pg. 431. One has no street address and the other states Washington St. I captured the items. If you want to see them let me know how to send them to you. Cheryl

  2. this pics are great! I just stumbled on my gr.uncles’ Draft Reg. Card from WWI, on it it lists, “Washington, Dustbane” as his current place of employment at the time of the draft card. Seeing pics, really helps when putting Genealogies together, it helps to make those that have past become more than just names and dates. Just want to say thank you for having these up to view.

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