Ipswich band, late 1800'sPhotos

Bygone Ipswich

Many of these photos were digitally developed from original glass negatives taken by three early Ipswich photographers, Arthur Wesley Dow, George Dexter, and Edward L. Darling.

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  1. My mom was born in Ipswich 1921, so was her father, and me in 1946. Brockelbank is her maiden name. I love this site. She is now 94, living with me in Virginia, I would love photos or post cards to make her a memory book. Any ideas? thanks Linda Starling

    • My mom’s family (Andrews) are from Ipswich. She also was born in 1921, in Beverly. She lives in Virginia with my sister. I am doing some research and ran across these pictures They are wonderful. She has “Choate” in her past, along with Burnham. And more of course. I am trying to find out where the American Indian came from.

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