Jewett house, High St. Ipswich

Homes of the Jewetts

Deacon Maximilian Jewett was born in Bradford, West Riding of Yorkshire, England, baptized Oct. 4th, 1607. He with his wife Ann, and his brother Joseph sailed from Hull, England in 1638 in the ship John, with a colony under the leadership of Rev. Ezekiel Rogers. They arrived at Boston about the first of December, 1638, spent the winter in Salem, and in the spring of 1639 founded the town of Rowley, Mass.

Jeremiah Jewett, son of Joseph, was brought to this country by his father in 1638. He married in Rowley, Mass., May 1, 1661, Sarah Dickinson, daughter of Thomas and Janet Dickinson. She was bom in Rowley Oct. 16, 1664, and died Jan. 30, 1723-4.” They made their home in Ipswich near the Rowley line. He was one of the soldiers from Ipswich in King Philip’s War, and died here on May 20, 1714. Generations of the Jewett family made their homes on upper High Street, and the area near the Rowley town line came to be known as Ipswich Village. Read more at History and genealogy of the Jewetts of America.

Jewett Hill, Ipswich Village map Ipswich Village (Upper High St.) - This Ipswich neighborhood has historically had a close social connection with neighboring Rowley. Jewett's mill was created in the 17th Century, and historic houses still line the street.… Continue reading Ipswich Village (Upper High St.)
Ipswich Village Schoolchildren Recollections of A Boy’s Life In The Village - This story was written by Amos E. Jewett in 1945. At the time, he was 83 years old. having been born in Ipswich Village, near Rowley, on June 16, 1862. … Continue reading Recollections of A Boy’s Life In The Village
Aphia Jewett house, 315 High St., Ipswich MA 315 High Street, the Apphia Jewett house (1834) - The land in the vicinity of 315 High Street was owned by the Jewett family since it was purchased by Captain Moses Jewett in the third quarter of the 18th century. Olive Jewett married Captain George W. Howe of Rowley on November 26, 1835 and Captain Howe built upon the lot.… Continue reading 315 High Street, the Apphia Jewett house (1834)
Apphia Jewett house, High Street, Ipswich Ma 311 High Street, the Amos Jewett house (1834) - Captain Moses Jewett purchased this land in the late 18th Century. His grandson Amos built the house in 1834 for his bride. His small shoe shop still stands on the property.… Continue reading 311 High Street, the Amos Jewett house (1834)
Jewett house, High St. Ipswich 89 High Street, the Moses Jewett house (1830) - Moses Jewett was born in Ipswich, Mass., March 15, 1778 to John Cole Jewett and Elizabeth Smith, whose home stands at 93 High Street. … Continue reading 89 High Street, the Moses Jewett house (1830)
John Jewett Cole house, 93 High Street Ipswich 93 High Street, the John Cole Jewett house (1813) - John Cole Jewett bought the High Street estate of Josiah Martin by 1767, when he was mentioned in a deed of an abutter. Jewett's heirs sold the property in 1813 to David Lord. Stylistic evidence indicates that the present house was built shortly before the 1813 transfer.… Continue reading 93 High Street, the John Cole Jewett house (1813)
87 High Street, the Sewall Jewett house (1830) - 87 High Street, the Sewall Jewett house (1830) - The heirs of John Lord sold the lot at 87 High St. to Sewall P. Jewett in 1830, which is the year in which the house is believed to have been built. At one time, this side of High Street was lined with homes owned by members of the Jewett Family.… Continue reading 87 High Street, the Sewall Jewett house (1830)
Moses Jewett house, 307 High St. 307 High Street, the Moses Jewett house (1759) - Moses Jewett married Elizabeth Bugg of Rowley. He was Captain of a Troop of Horse in Col. John Baker’s Regiment, which marched on the Lexington alarm, April 19, 1775 and also marched to Gloucester on November 29th of the same year.… Continue reading 307 High Street, the Moses Jewett house (1759)
Aaron Jewett house, Ipswich MA 24 Market Street, the Aaron Jewett house (c 1800) - Constructed around the beginning of the 19th Century, this small building has served as Tetrault Jewelry Store since 1941, one of the longest-lasting family businesses in Ipswich. … Continue reading 24 Market Street, the Aaron Jewett house (c 1800)
285 High Street, the Daniel Nourse house (1809) 285 High Street, the Daniel Nourse house (1809) - Daniel Nourse, a farmer, bought the property in 1790 and built the present house in 1809. This was the home of John W. Nourse, farmer, civil engineer, and local historian who uncovered hundreds of Native American artifacts in his fields. The Nourse family cemetery is located nearby. A milestone from the Old Bay Road is in the basement wall. This is one of the finest Federal-era houses in Ipswich Village and has fallen into decay through neglect. … Continue reading 285 High Street, the Daniel Nourse house (1809)
66 High Street, the John Harris-Mark Jewett house (1795) 66 High Street, the John Harris-Mark Jewett house (1795) - This house was built in 1795 by John Harris. In 1784 John Heard convinced the town that if it would buy John Harris' previous home at the corner of High and Manning, he would provide $400 annually for the care of the poor. … Continue reading 66 High Street, the John Harris-Mark Jewett house (1795)
Summer St. house, Ipswich MA 37 Summer Street, the William H. Jewett house (b 1872) - The elegant Cape Cod Colonial at 37 Summer Street first appears as the W. Jewett house in the 1872 Ipswich map, although the town website lists the date of construction as 1825.… Continue reading 37 Summer Street, the William H. Jewett house (b 1872)

The Jewetts of Rowley

The following images, and text were provided by the Rowley Historical Society in 1977, with much of text written by Ruth S. Gardner, and is available online through the Massachusetts Historical Commission site (MACRIS).

Joseph Jewett house, 46 Bradford St., Rowley MA, 1785.
ROW.10 Joseph Jewett house, 46 Bradford St., Rowley MA, 1785. Built on original lot of John Spofford in Bradford Street, one of the first streets laid out in the town.
ROW.16 S. P. Jewett house, 34 Central St., Rowley MA, c 1750. The house was built on the lot granted in 1665 to Rev. Samuel Shephard, pastor of First Parish. His “House lot or place to build upon” was a “Piece of land about two acres be It on the west and north-west on all other parts also bounded by the common or highway.” This lot adjoined that of the Rev. Ezekiel Rogers’ lot and site of his homestead. Ezekiel Rogers being the founder of the town, Rowley was formerly called Ezekiel Rogers Plantation and was incorporated as Rowley in 1639.
John Harris Jr. - Deacon Joshua Jewett house, 46 Hammond St., Rowley Ma
ROW.102 John Harris Jr. – Deacon Joshua Jewett house, 46 Hammond St., Rowley Ma c 1765. The house was built in 1765 by John Harris Jr. who probably farmed the surrounding land and built the tidal mill in the adjacent marsh in the late 1700s. The subsequent owners were John Harris’s daughter, Phebe and her husband, Deacon Joshua Jewett from 1796 until 1861. Deacon Jewett sporadically kept a diary during the period and recounts many of the activities he performed on the property which include stock raising and butchering, carriage rental, crop raising. Deacon Jewett also performed services as town clerk for 22 years, selectman, assessor, school committee member, justice of the peace, town clerk and musical composer, physician and teacher.
The Abraham Jewett house, now the Village Pancake house, photo courtesy of Steve Spaulding
ROW.36: The Abraham Jewett house, Main Street, Rowley Ma, circa 1660 on Rt. 1A just past the Ipswich town line dates back to 1660. Jewett’s History reads: “In 1660, Abraham Jewett purchased the lot on the corner of Main and Prospect Streets and built a small house that year. The building has undergone so many alterations that it is difficult to determine the original structure.” 17th century construction is visible in the oldest part of the structure nearest to Prospect Street.
The Abraham Jewett house, circa 1660, is now the Village Pancake house

20 thoughts on “Homes of the Jewetts”

  1. Hi Gordon, interesting history and great pics, particularly the Moses Jewett House on 307 High Street. So when’s your next walking tour???

  2. Can you tell me which house my descendants Andrew and Sarah(Houstin) Hidden lived? They had 12 children, lived in Rowley, about 1649.

  3. Hello my name is Beth Jewett.The only jewett I know was my grandfather I’d love to find out who I am and if anyone was related to Clifford I know my other side very well .But the jewett side is a mystery to me.wondering if anyone had info on him our family my family history is very important.

  4. I’m descended from Maximilian’s brother Joseph and I live in So. Maine, only 40 minutes from Rowley, you’ve inspired me to come back more often!
    Would love to know more about any tours or history talks on the early days there, Thanks, Clay Feeter
    York, Maine

  5. For decades, I lived just up the road in Bradford, MA.

    My father was, for many years of his life, a director and eventually President of the Jewett Family of America, Inc., then of Rowley, MA, now of Lexington, VA [ ].

    Some genealogical material is available at the Haverhill Public Library in Haverhill, MA, as well as at the Peabody-Essex Museum in Salem, MA [ ].

    Any genealogical inquiries should be addressed to Carri Cole, JFA Historian – 3444 Lincoln St – Highland, IN 46322-2109.

    I can clearly chart my lineage all the way back to the ship John and the brothers Maximilian and Joseph when they left England.

  6. Wow, this is amazing! Thank you for so diligently providing this information. Maximilian Jewett was my 10th great-grandfather. I hope to be able to visit Ipswich this fall.

      1. Macmillan Jewett was my great great great great grandfather and left East Riding in Yorkshire with his brother to sail to America on the St John ship in circa 1600 or so.

  7. WE are part of Joseph’s family tree. Thank you for the good info on houses. We plan to do that tour soon.

    1. That sounds fun! Just in case you or any other Jewett is interested, there is a Facebook page titled ‘Descendants of Jewett family from Rowley that settled on the Merrimack’. It’s a really great group with all types of interesting info about our ancestors. Happy New Year to you cousin!

  8. I will be traveling to Rowley in May and am so excited to learn more about our family history. I am 11x’s great grand-daughter of Maximilian Jewett. Is there a place to start? Is there someone there in Rowley or a family member that we may contact who might be able to show us around?

  9. My name is Phillip Hunt and I am descended from the Hon Nehemiah Jewett….I’m from NH and come to Ipswich often….

  10. I would like to find out more about the two Jewett mariners below and will contact the genealogist above.

    Richard Dummer Jewett who was on the privateer Decatur and imprisoned in Bridgetown in 1813.

    Captain Purchase Jewett born in 1801 and who moved to Gloucester for a few years.

    Are their homes still standing in Ipswich/Rowley?
    Thank you.

  11. Looking for John Rogers Jewett died 1815 . He sailed on the Boston with Captain Salter and was stranded in Nootka Village for several years.

  12. Hello. My great grandmother was Emma Jewett (Vermont). Does anyone know if there were slave owners in Jewett family?

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