Homes of the descendants of Daniel Rindge and Mary Kinsman of Ipswich

Early Inhabitants of Ipswich 1633-1700 by Abraham Hammatt
Excerpts from a study by Augustine Caldwell in 1885

Daniel Rindge (aka Ringe) was in Ipswich, in 1648. He married Mary Kinsman, and had six children. Mary Kinsman Rindge was the daughter of Robert Kinsman who immigrated to New England in the Mary and John, 1634, and came to Ipswich in 1635. The homestead of Robert Kinsman, a glazier by trade was on Green St. “near the great cove on the river” in the vicinity of Green and County Streets. He died Jan. 28, 1664.

The early homestead of Daniel and Mary Kinsman was near the present South Meeting house and the Cove, and his lands were later “possessed by Mrs. John Heard.” In 1649, Daniel Rindge was ordered to “attend on the green before Mr. Rogers house.” He was licensed to keep an ordinary in 1661 but “not to draw beer above a penny a quart, and to pro- vide meate for men and cattell.”

Daniel Rindge died February 6, 1661 and his will is on file. The estate was appraised at £563. The house was described as having parlor, hall and chambers; and was furnished with chairs, cushions, carpet, tapestries, chests. His farm of 110 acres was at Mile Brook in the Hamlet. His home was on Turkey Shore and the house was on the site of the William Howard house shown above, which was later owned by Samuel Rindge 3 and Daniel Rindge 4.

The children of Daniel and Mary (Kinsman) Rindge, were six in number :

  • Mary, evidently the oldest. She married soon after her father’s death, Uzziel Wardwell.
  • Daniel, the oldest of the boys, early had the title of “Captain;” he was a soldier at Narraganset, 1675
  • Roger, born June 19, 1657, married Sarah Shatswell.
  • Susanna chose her uncle, Robert Kinsman, as her guardian, in 1669. Essex Deeds, 3 : 129.
  • Isaac, may have been a military officer, as he disposed of his sword by will.
  • Sarah, the youngest of the daughters, born August 7, 1659, married Joseph Andrews, Feb. 16, 1680.
Shatswell Planters Cottage
This greatly restored building was moved from High St. to Strawberry Hill, and is believed to have been the early Shatswell “planter’s cottage.” Roger Rindge, son of Daniel the early settler, married Sarah Shatswell in 1657.

Capt. Daniel Rindge 2, son of Daniel 1, seems to have taken his place among the gentlemen of the town. The old slate slab in the High street yard gives the date of the departure of Capt. Daniel Rindge 2, Nov. 30, 1738. He had a long and busy life. At the age of seventeen he was a soldier of the Narraganset war, and ever onward he was intimate with military and town duties. His estate was appraised at £2462. At his death his branch of the family ceased in name. The Rindges of Ipswich were descendants of his brothers, Roger and Isaac. He was twice married:

  1. Hannah Perkins, born August 7, 1662. She was the daughter of Abraham and Hannah (Beamsley-Bushnell) Perkins. She died July, 1684. She was the mother of Capt. Rindge’s children.
  2. Hannah Rust, daughter of Nathaniel and Mary Rust. Her brother, Nathaniel 2, is the first recorded Schoolmaster of Essex.

Children of Capt. Daniel and Hannah Perkins Rindge :

  • Daniel, died in infancy
  • Daniel, Harvard College, Class 1709
  • Hannah, married Thomas Staniford, 1707
  • Mary, married Ammi Ruhami Wise, 1713.
The Rogers and Brown Bed and Breakfast
Rogers house, 83 County Rd. Mary Rindge married Ammi Ruhami Wise, 1713, the son of the Reverend John Wise of Chebacco. He is said to have built this house, which originally stood upon the former site of the South Meeting-house. Mary, daughter of Ammi Ruhami and Mary (Rindge) Wise married Doctor Samuel Rogers who bought the house of her father, which is now the Rogers and Brown Bed and Breakfast.

Roger Rindge 2, son of Daniel 1, was born June 19, 1657, and married Sarah Shatswell, June 9, 1684. She was born August 19, 1658, and was the daughter of Richard 2 and Rebekah Tuttle Shatswell, and granddaughter of John and Joanna Shatswell. Children of Roger Rindge and Sarah Shatswell :

  • Daniel 3, married Sarah Knowlton, 1712.
  • Richard, married Sarah Brown, 1716.
  • Sarah, married Philip Amme, 1729.
  • Rebekah, married Archelaus Lakeman, 1710.
Early photo of 88-90 High Street, the Shatswell-Tuttle house. Roger Rindge son of Daniel 1, was born June 19, 1657, and married Sarah Shatswell, June 9, 1684.

Isaac Rindge 2, son of Daniel 1, died in 1714. He married (1) Elisabeth Dutch, daughter of John and Mary (Roper) Dutch; she died May 3, 1700. He married (2) widow Elisabeth (Burnham) Kinsman, daughter of Deacon John Burnham. At the death of Isaac Rindge in 1714, he gave to his son John Rindge his negro, Jack; and to his son Isaac he gave his sword. His estate was valued at £20206. Two of his sons, John and Isaac, “upwards of 14,” chose for their guardian their “uncle Francis Crompton.” John, while yet in his youth, migrated to Portsmouth. The children of Isaac Rindge :

  • The Honorable John Rindge 3, son of Isaac 2, Daniel 1, born June 1, 1695. Went to Portsmouth shortly after his father’s death. He became a man of wealth and social altitude. He married Anne Odiorne, a lady five years younger than he. She was the daughter of Jotham and Mary (Johnson) Odiorne of Newcastle.
  • Anne Odiorne Isaac, born May 28, 1698, married Mercy Quarles, 1749. No further record.
  • Elisabeth, born Sept. 2, 1701, married Caleb Kimball.
  • Abigail, born Dec. 26, 1703.
  • Daniel, born August 24, 1705.
  • Samuel, born December 27, 1709, married (1) Mary Appleton, (2) widow Martha (Potter) Quarles.
John Wise Saddle Shop, Mineral St. in Ipswich
The house at 16 Mineral St. was moved here by “laborers” John and Joseph Wise after they purchased the lot in 1799. The present house at 42 High Street was built by Abner Harris in 1800 after removal of the 1742 Daniel Rindge house. It was said to have been moved to this vicinity. The house at 44 High St. is also on the former Daniel Rindge lot. (The identification of this house with the Rindge house on High St. is speculative.)
Caleb Kimball "house with orange shutters"
Caleb Kimball “house with orange shutters”

Mary Rindge 2, daughter of Daniel 1, married Uzziel Wardwell, May 3, 1664. He was the son of William and Alice Wardwell, of Boston. Uzziel is styled “Carpenter.” His brother, Elihu Wardwell married Elisabeth Wade, May 26, 1665. The children of Uzziel and Mary (Rindge) Wardwell, May 26, 1665. The children of Uzziel and Mary (Ridge) Wardwell:

  • Abigail, born October 27, 1665
  • Alice, born December 27, 1670
  • Hannah, Mary, twins, born September 1, 1677
The Howard house, 41 Turkey Shore. On April 1, 1769, Daniel Ringe and others sold to Ebenezer Caldwell, their interest in one half of the house and two acres, our “father Samuel Ringe, bought of Stephen Howard.” The house was constructed in 1680 by William Howard on the lot grated to Daniel Rindge, the early settler.

Samuel Rindge 3, (son of Isaac 2, Daniel 1) was born August 24, 1709, and died February 25, 1769, and his son Daniel administered on his estate. His mother was Elisabeth (Burnham) Kinsman, the second wife of Isaac Rindge 2, and the daughter of Deacon John Burnham. Samuel Rindge 3, was twice married :

  1. to Mary Appleton, the mother of his children. She was the daughter of John and Mary (Allen) Appleton; Grandaughter of Samuel and Mary (Woodbridge) Appleton; great-granddaughter of John and Priscilla (Glover) Appleton. She was born in 1714; married 1739; died December 28, 1746, leaving four babes motherless.
  2. He married (2) widow Martha Potter Quarles. She was born October 19, 1700; and was the daughter of Anthony and Martha (Dresser) Potter; married John Quarles, 1720; died May 4, 1795, aged ninety-five years.

The Children of Samuel Rindge 3:

  • Daniel, baptized November 30, 1740; married Elizabeth Caldwell, 1764
  • Mary, bap. Oct. 24, 1742, m. Andrew Dodge, 1769
  • Lucy, bap. Sept. 16, 1744, m. Ebenezer Caldwell, she died 1772, leaving two sons, Ebenezer, Samuel
  • Elizabeth, baptized August 31, 1746
John Appleton house, 2 N. Main St., Ipswich MA
John Appleton house, 2 N. Main St. Samuel Rindge 3 married Mary Appleton, the great-granddaughter of John and Priscilla Appleton.

Daniel Rindge 4, (Samuel 3, Isaac 2, Daniel 1,) baptized November 30, 1740; married Elisabeth, daughter of John and Abigail Hovey Caldwell, 1764; he was lost at sea, April 5, 1795.

The children of Daniel and Elisabeth Rindge were:

  • Daniel, baptized Feb. 23, 1766, went south
  • Elisabeth, bap. Sept. 20, 1767, m. Abraham Seward Samuel, bap. Jan. 14, 1770, went south
  • John, baptized July 12, 1772
  • Lucy, baptized February 12, 1775
Great Ispwich Fright, John Greenleaf Whittier
In 1775, Daniel Rindge was with the Ipswich Minuteman responding to the attack on Lexington and Concord by the British, and an alarm went out that the British were approaching Ipswich and slaughtering all in their path. Almost all of the citizenry of Ipswich fled north in a terror known as the “Great Ipswich Fright.” It was Elizabeth Rindge’s washing day and she continued with her scrubbing. Her father, who had just buried his silver spoons in the cellar, ran to his daughter’s dwelling to render her assistance. Surprised at her indifference, he cried out, “Why Betty are you washing?” “Yes,” she replied, “if the red coats come they may as well have my clothes wet as dry.”

Elisabeth Rindge 4, (Samuel 3, Isaac 2, Daniel 1) bap. September 20, 1767, married Abraham Seward, lived in a large and ancient house which stood on the land adjoining (north) the Emerson house, Turkey Shore. There was but a cart-road between the two homes. Abraham Seward died October 23, 1841. The children were :

  • Huldah
  • Daniel Rindge
  • John
  • Lydia Caldwell
  • Elizabeth, married Elisha Glover
  • Mary Caldwell

Daniel Rindge 3, (Roger 2, Daniel 1), married :

  1. Sarah Knowlton, March 22, 1711-12; she died April 4, 1714
  2. Martha (Caldwell) Ayres. Widow Martha (Caldwell) Rindge married John Wood February11, 1729. Daniel and Martha (Caldwell) Rindge had :
  • Daniel, born June 26, 1721, died August 9, 1800.
  • Anna, born June 16, 1723; died April 5, 1730, age six years ten months

Daniel Rindge 4, (Daniel 3, Roger 2, Daniel 1) married Mary Kimball, January, 1745; she died Oct. 10, 1801. Their children :

  • Anna, born 1746; married Elisha Newman, 1786; had daughter, Mary, who married Nathaniel Caldwell
  • Mary, baptized December 7, 1749
  • Daniel, born 1752, died May 16, 1773
  • Margaret Woods, born 1755, married Benjamin Caldwell, died December 24, 1788
  • John, born Sept. 28, 1759, married Sarah Baker, May 18, 1786; she died Oct. 17, 1824; he died October 18, 1801.

Richard Rindge 3, (Roger 2, Daniel 1) and Sarah Brown, were married May 9, 1716. He was drowned in Ipswich River, March 2, 1730. Children :

  • Sarah, baptized September 13, 1719
  • John bap. April 2, 1722, died early.
  • Daniel, bap. July 26, 1726; died 1729
  • John, 1727, was fourteen years old, 1741
  • Daniel, bap. Aug. 17, 1729, died early
Pinder-Rindge house, Summer St., Ipswich
The Richard and Sarah Brown Rindge house was originally on Summer St., moved to County St in the 19th Century.

John Rindge 4, (Richard 3, Roger 2, Daniel 1) married Elisabeth Storey, December, 1745; she died August 14, 1796. They had :

  • Elisabeth, born 1747
  • Sarah, born 1748
  • John, born 1749
48 Jeffreys Neck Rd. Ipswich
The owner of 48 Jeffeys Neck Rd. traces his ancestry back to Ipswich families including Belcher, Burnham, Kimball, Whipple, Wise and Daniel Rindge.

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