Elizabeth Cole Ipswich MA selectmanHistory

Elizabeth S. Cole elected as first female Ipswich selectman, March 10, 1970

Elizabeth Cole elected Ipswich selectman

IPSWICH , March 10, 1970:

“For the first time in as long as anyone can remember, a woman has been elected a member of the Ipswich Board of Selectmen. Trouncing three male contenders, including the incumbent, Mrs. Elizabeth S. Cole of Argilla Road swept into office Monday, poling 1401 of the 3364 ballots cast by an estimated 57.5 per cent of the town electorate.

‘I’m overwhelmed,’ exclaimed Mrs. Cole shortly before midnight at Town Hall as those long-awaited final results were announced by Town Clerk Anthony Murawski. She added, ‘I addressed myself to issues which I think people like, and I had a marvelous group of people working for me.’

“In her victory, Mrs. Cole unseated incumbent David G. Kennedy and defeated both Atty Arthur J. Ross Jr., and Brainard C. Wallace.

Elizabeth Cole, Ipswich Selectman

“As to whether she enjoyed the novel experience of a campaign, she was particularly impressed with the warm and polite reception from the voters, including those who obviously supported the opposition camp. The selectwoman estimates that she visited about 500 residences door-to-door in her campaign.

“During her campaign, Mrs. Cole stressed the need for improved co-operation and communication among the selectmen, as well as between the board and the town manager. Mrs. Cole will pursue this objective on a first-priority basis.

“Mrs Cole has lived in Ipswich for many years. Along with her service on the board, she is a member of the League of Woman Voters, having twice served as its president. She is also a member of the Cable Hospital Auxiliary, the Ipswich Historical Society, and Environmental Quality, a local ecology group.”

*Elizabeth Cole died in 1974.

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