Hall-Haskell House Gallery 2022 art schedule

The Hall-Haskell House Gallery shares 36 S. Main St. with the Ipswich Visitor Center.

  • May 24-29: Tom Reichard
  • May 31 -June 5: Ted Kelley
  • June 7-12: Ted Kelley?
  • June 14 -19: Garden Tour (+ artist?)
  • June 19-24: Paula Stephens
  • July 26-Aug 14: Available
  • Aug. 16-21: Ann Jones
  • Aug 23-Aug 28: Jim Stephens
  • Aug 30-Sept 4: Mary Woodall Jaffee
  • Sept 11: Available
  • Sept. 13-18: Stephanie Young
  • Sept 20-Nov 13: Available
  • Nov 15-20: Greater Haverhill Art
  • Nov 22- Dec 31: Available

Artists set their own hours but should be open at minimum Friday through Sunday. If you would like to schedule a week, call Stephanie Gaskins (978-356-4809) and leave a message.

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