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Thursday August 11, CLEAR: Art and environmental stewardship

The Ipswich Lyceum series at the Ipswich Take-out Terrace between Zumi’s and the Riverwalk will feature a series of speakers every Thursday evening throughout the summer of 2022.

Northeastern University’s Cognitive Laboratory of Environment and Arts Research (CLEAR). The CLEAR group explores environmental attitudes and values, and how they determine pro-environmental behaviors. We then use this understanding to design and implement interventions, based on visualizations, storytelling, and architectural design. CLEAR brings together practitioners from a wide array of academic disciplines, including Environmental Science, Cognitive Psychology, Architecture, and Visual Arts with partners in local communities— including museums, community art organizations, and city planners—to effect positive change in urban communities.  Specifically, our goal is to foster mechanisms that promote the idea that people are a part of nature, and not separate from it, even in urban environments. Speakers and questions they will address include:

Keith Ellenbogen, Visual Arts: How do we uncover a hidden underwater world in ways that makes people feel their connection to the ecological systems in which they are embedded?

Dan Adams, Architecture: How do we design built environments to facilitate sustainable human-environment interaction?

John Coley, Cognitive Science: How do we understand the social-ecological systems around us, and how does that understanding translate into pro-environmental behavior?

Dams at the Ipswich Mills site have interrupted the ecology of the Ipswich River for over 300 years. The present granite block dam was originally constructed to power adjacent mills yet currently has no functional use. A fishway was installed in 1995, but it is not effective for some migratory species such as rainbow smelt and American shad. The Division of Ecological Restoration ranks this dam in the top 5% of all dams in Massachusetts for the restoration potential removal would provide, opening 49.19 miles of habitat and restoring freshwater tidal habitat.

The completion of this project would be a triumph and testament to the hard work and dedication of the community, local and state government, and multitude of organizations who have contributed to advancing this project over the years.

Lyceum Thursdays series

Location: The Truss at the Take Out Terrace on the Ipswich Riverwalk, behind Zumi’s at 4 Union St., Ipswich

Date and time: 7:30 pm, Thursday August 11 , 2022

Please contact Gordon Harris at if you are interested in presenting in the fall and winter Lyceum series.

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