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Thursday July 28: Reading the Signs of the Times: Are we living in a pivotal moment in US history?

Lyceum Thursdays series

Location: The Truss at the Take Out Terrace on the Ipswich Riverwalk, behind Zumi’s at 4 Union St., Ipswich

Date and time: 7:30 pm, Thursday July 28, 2022

Speaker: Mark J. Allman

There are pivotal moments in US history that set a course for a new direction. From 1776 to the Summer of 1967, citizens faced moments when decisions to act or not act determined our fate as a nation.

A slate of current events (mass shootings, #BLM movement, Jan 6 insurrection, and recent landmark Supreme Court decisions, to name a few) begs the question, “Are we living in one of those pivotal moments in our nation’s history?”

We will examine these events, and discuss how to interpret them and how to respond.

Mark J. Allman, PhD is Professor of Religious and Theological Studies at Merrimack College, where he currently serves as Vice Provost. His publications include Who Would Jesus Kill? War, Peace and the Christian TraditionThe Almighty and the Dollar: Reflections on Economic Justice for All, and After the Smoke Clears: The Just War Tradition and Post War Justice, as well as numerous articles.

Please contact Gordon Harris at if you are interested in presenting in the fall and winter Lyceum series.

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  1. Probably it’s time for Dr. Phill to run for President. Seems we have everybody else in here. Great topic!

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