Saving the Egypt River

In partnership with the Parker River Clean Water Association, the Ipswich River Watershed Association produced a new video on the plight of the Egypt River. The video begins by asking Ipswich residents the question “Where is the Egypt River’?”

The Egypt River is a small coastal river that discharges into the Rowley River and Plum Island Sound with a watershed in Ipswich and Rowley. The river is literally the lifeblood of the town of Ipswich, providing the bulk of the town’s drinking water, water for most of the town’s locally grown produce, and irrigation for several athletic complexes including town playing fields and a golf course. Unfortunately, the ever increasing water demand from this small river has become too much thus the title: “Loving the Egypt River … to Death”?

The short film tells the story about how each one of us have unknowingly played a role in the demise of the river, but ends on an optimistic note on how each one of us can help save it. It is hoped the video will help to explain this all-too-common story happening throughout the entire Ipswich River Watershed, as well as in one of every five rivers in Massachusetts.

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