Ipswich Switch rideable landscape

The Switch Rideable Artscape

The SWITCH Rideable ArtScape is a permanent installation made of poured concrete, sculpted metal, and organic materials, located at Bialek Park in Ipswich. The SWITCH serves primarily as a rideable concrete skatepark for riders of all skill levels, as well as an outdoor art gallery, a public performance space, and a gathering area for our community. (Riding “switch” is when a skateboarder uses the opposite footing from their normal stance.)

Huge thanks Skaters & Creators of The Switch Ridable ArtScape, the Town & people of Ipswich, and our funders at Creative County Initiative (CCI) – a program of Essex County Community Foundation (ECCF) for making it all possible, including this well crafted film!!! Learn more about the SWITCH.

Switch Rideable Artscape from Creative County Initiative on Vimeo.

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