Block prints from the 1950 IHS calendar: Old Time Ipswich

Many thanks to Bill Barton for sharing the Ipswich High School Calendar for 1950, titled “Old Time Ipswich.” The slideshow below features block prints created and printed by the students for each month of the calendar.

IHS Calendar 1950
Cover: Ipswich High School, by Ann Czegka, Lettering by W. F. Hayes Jr.

“The Calendar is the combined effort of the Ipswich High School Printing and Art classes under the direction of Mark Hayes, Instructor of Printing and Mechanical Drawing, and Frank H. Chadbourne, Supervisor of Art. the students and their instructors hope that this second annual production will meet with the approval of our many friends.”

Block Prints:

  • Harrison Tenney, Janes Hill, Irene Smolenski, Muriel Flewelling, Evelyn Patterson, Elizatbeth Nelson, Amer Knowles, Mary Jo Sullivan, Evelyn Goodale, Llewellyn Chadbourne, Dorothy Perley, Mary Miller and Mary MacKenzie.


  • Class of 1950: John Caloggero, Joseph Kisiel, Edward Murawski, Walter Prisby, John Willey
  • Class of 1951: Stanley Strok, Jere Hovey
  • Class of 1952: Lawrence Brockelbank, Donald Kelly, James Riel
  • Class of 1953: Raymond Budzianowski, Stanley Colas, Alfred Davey, Robert Dort, John Polalrd, Stephen Tgavelakos, Wilbur Thomas

3 thoughts on “Block prints from the 1950 IHS calendar: Old Time Ipswich”

  1. Great prints- I recognize Ipswich! The calendar could be reprinted and sold as a fundraiser. Or perhaps a current class could do their own contemporary block prints. Would be a wonderful comparison.

  2. I was thrilled to find both my parents mentioned in the article “Block prints from the 1950 IHS calendar: Old Time Ipswich.” My father Llewellyn Chadbourne and my mother Mary Jo Sullivan both contributed block prints. My grandfather, Frank Chadbourne, was the art supervisor.
    What a fantastic surprise to have found this information and be able to see their work from so many years ago.

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