Kamon Farm conservation area

Kamon Farm-Turkey Hill hike

The newest addition to Essex County Greenbelt properties in Ipswich is Kamon Farm on Pineswamp Rd. which abuts to the Turkey Hill Conservation area. With a combined total of over 100 acres, conserving these properties permanently protects public trail access, drinking water, wildlife habitat and active farmland.

This 3 mile hike starts at Kamon Farm and connects to Turkey Hill with a connector trail. View the location on Google Maps.

Entrance to Kamon Farm Conservation area
There is a substantial parking lot, with a pasture and easy wooded trails starting at the entrace.
If you would rather just take in the view, this comfortable bench is at the start of the trail.
A short connector trail takes you to the Turkey Hill Conservation area, with fairly steep climbs & descents, and excellent views of the surrounding hills. The total elevation gain for the 3 mile walk is about 380 ft.
Alternatively, you can start at the Turkey Hill parking lot which is closer to town on Pineswamp Rd. This is a smaller parking lot with room for just a couple of cars.

Visit the Kamon Farm page on the Essex County Greenbelt site.

1 thought on “Kamon Farm-Turkey Hill hike”

  1. I enjoyed tremendously your walk in the dunes and Turkey Hill! Thank you, Gordon..I know I will return to Ipswich with a new agenda…Nature!

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