Robert Paine house, Jeffreys Neck Rd.

Robert Paine house, 47 Jeffreys Neck Rd. (1694)

The land on which this house sits was granted to early settler Robert Paine Sr. He transferred the property to his son Robert in 1689, and dendrochronology indicates that the junior Robert built this house about 1694. Owned by the Trustees of Reservations, this house is well-preserved example of a First Period, hall and parlor house with a saltbox lean-to. A second house on the property was the summer home of the Robert G. Dodge family. The house is open only occasionally, but the grounds are open and free for visiting every day of the week. Read more about this house at the Historic Ipswich site. View the house on the Trustees of Reservations site.

Peek in the windows to see some of the rooms in the Paine house
Turn right on the driveway at the sign on Jeffreys Neck Rd. for Greenwood Farm and park at this location to visit the Paine house.
This is a well preserved
A trail leads from the parking area around the back of the Paine house and along the marsh. A second trail follows a loop around an adjoining field, for a total of just under a mile
Across Jeffreys Neck Rd. from Greenwood Farm is the Strawberry Hill Conservation area, where a half-mile trail takes you across the marsh to Smith Island. It’s best to go at low tide in the drier seasons.
Strawberry Hill
Sign for the Strawberry Hill parking lot. The driveway to Greenwood Farm is a short distance to the west.
Causeway & trail to Smith Island

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