Shatwell house

The Shatswell-Tuttle house, 90 High St. (c. 1690)

The two adjoining halves of the house at 88-90 High Street have separately owners. The lot was assigned to early Ipswich settler John Shatswell, who died in 1647. In his will, he deeded the property to his sons Richard and John, and added, ““If Richard shall not marry with Rebecca Tuttle, which is now intended, then my wife shall have her being in the house during her life unless she see good to dispose of herself otherwise.” The sons divided the estate in 1695. The right side is the oldest, and the exact date of construction is unknown, but in 1671 Richard Shatswell was granted the right to fell 1000 ft. of board, perhaps to build this house. In the 19th century, this was the home of Col. Nathaniel Shatswell, famous for his command of Union troops during the Battle of Harris Farm during the Civil War. Read more about the Shatswell house at the Historic Ipswich site.

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