Dr. John Calef house

John Calef house, 7 Poplar St. (1671)

This First Period house originally stood on South Main St. In the mid-17th Century the house was owned by Dr. John Calef, who served as our representative to the General assembly, and was one of only 17 members who voted to retract the Circular Letter opposing the Townshend Acts. He appeared before a mob that had assembled in front of his house in 1774 and apologized for his vote, but remained a Loyalist. After the war began, Calef sold the house to John Heard and moved to New Brunswick where he served as a surgeon for the British forces. Heard moved the house to its present location, and built the mansion which is now the Ipswich Museum.

Read more about the John Calef house at the Historic Ipswich site.

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