Kendrick house, 3 Hovey St. Ipswich

The Kendrick-Staniford house, 3 Hovey St. (1665-1707)

Construction of this house has been historically attributed to John Kendrick, a cooper, who acquired a large lot at this location in 1665. In 1702, he sold an acre of the land to Thomas Staniford for £70, and five years later he and his son John sold the remaining parcel with a “messuage”, shop and barn to Staniford for £27. The house acquired its present dimensions during the 40-year ownership by the Staniford family. In 1742, a half acre with a “large house” was sold to David Pulcifer for £310. Well-preserved interior woodwork dating to the late 18th or early 19th centuries is found in the first floor rooms and lean-to.

Although there is little to indicate a 17th Century house, there is some structural evidence of a possible date of around 1670 for the earliest section. Within the attic is evidence of a heavily pilastered chimney. The facade gable visible on the side facing the river dates to no later than the first decade of the 18th Century. The lean-to (saltbox extension) was added later, and the original rear rafters were left in place, as they are in the Edward Brown house at 27 High St. This private residence has a preservation agreement with the Ipswich Historical Commission. Read more about the Kendrick-Staniford house at the Historic Ipswich site.

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