16 Mineral Street, Ipswich MA

The Daniel Rindge house-John Wise saddle shop, 16 Mineral St. (c.1742 /1801)

This house is believed to have originally been a modest cape on High Street, near the intersection with Mineral Street. In 1742, John Holland sold “ye house as is now finished standing there” to Daniel Ringe, a veteran of the French and Indian Wars (84:201) for “35 pounds lawful money.”

In 1800, the Ringe lot and house were purchased by Abner Harris, who built the present house at 42 High Street. Historian Thomas Franklin Waters wrote that the old Rindge house was moved to the area of Central Street. At that time, Central St. did not exist, and there were no houses on Mineral St., which was a muddy road crossing the marsh that surrounded Farley’s brook. Jabez Farley sold a 40′ wide lot to Joseph and John Wise, “laborers” in 1799, and an additional strip in 1801, and they moved the Rindge house down Mineral St. to the present location. This house was once used as a saddle shop and the leather was washed in Farley Brook, which now is little more than a waterless ditch on the edge of the yard. The framing of the barn in the rear appears to be equally old, and it may have been moved along with the Rindge house around 1800.

The frame was repaired and reinforced before the move from High St.
This brace in the living room was added when the house was moved.

Read more about this house at the Historic Ipswich site.

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