5 County St., Ipswich MA

The Richard Ringe house, 5 County St. (1718)

Samuel Dutch in the year 1718 divided his orchard land on Summer Street into four building lots. On one of these, a modest house was constructed by cordwainer Richard Ringe. Richard Rindge Jr. sold to John Pinder Jr. “a certain menage or tenament” on Annable’s Lane (Summer St.) on February 5, 1760. Pinder’s widow, Sarah, sold ”a certain piece of land” on Annable’s Lane to William Leatherland, and it remained in the Leatherland family until 1872, when Daniel Clark bought the property, and the house at 13 Summer St. was constructed. His son Philip E. Clark, operated a funeral parlor out of the new house, and an undertaker’s establishment in the old house, which was moved to 5 County Street, where it still stands. View the location of this house when it was owned by William Leatherland on Summer St., in the 1832 Ipswich map. Read more about this historic house and view photos at the Historic Ipswich site.

Summer beam & girt in the Richard Rindge house.

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