Rogers & Brown house, 83 County Rd., Ipswich

The Rogers-Brown-Rust house, 83 County Rd. (1723)

In the late 17th Century, Nathaniel Rust had a tanning operation at this location, using water from Saltonstall’s Brook, also known as Norton’s Brook, which runs by the house. Rusts’ “mansion” was a quarter mile where County Rd. bears left to become South Main St. In 1710, he sold Thomas Norton and Daniel Ringe, who had married his two daughters, his house and land. The date of construction for the main part of the house is uncertain, but it may date to 1723 under the ownership of Major Ammi Ruhami Wise. The house was inherited by Dr. Samuel Rogers, whose wife was Major Wise’s daughter.

In the 19th Century the house came into the posession of Asa Brown, who moved it in 1836 when Second Congregational Church was constructed on the house’s original location. The 1832 map shows that Brown owned an existing house at 83 County Rd., which is believed to now be the ell on the northwest side of the house. Although the house was greatly remodeled giving it a Federal appearance, its asymetrical facade and heavy timbers lend credibility to the early date of construction, and the rustic ell appears to be even older. This house was traditionally referred to as the Nathaniel Rust mansion, and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Read more about this house at the Historic Ipswich site.

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