211 Artilla Rd., Ipswich

211 Argilla Rd., the Mary Ann Archer Lord house (1902)

In 1902, Mary Ann Archer Lord of Boston purchased 20 Acres of Land on Argilla Road from the Smith family. No buildings are mentioned in the deed. In 1929, Sidney Lord and other parties sold to Benjamin Van Wick the property, including buildings, bordering on the lot of Dr. Charles Townsend, the well-known naturalist. Van Wick sold the west end of the property to Sidney Shurcliff and his father Arthur Shurcliff in 1933, without the Lord house, Shurchliff’s house is at 207 Argilla, and the Mary Lord house still stands at 211 Argilla Rd.

Argilla Rd. in 1910
The 1910 map shows the location of the Mary Lord house at 211 Argilla Rd.

Edward Fallon sent the photo above: “I was left some photographs that belonged to my great grandmother, Mary Ann Archer Lord, who lived in Ipswich in the early 1900’s. The photos were labeled in a scrapbook belonging to my Aunt Marian (Richardson) Nester who was the granddaughter of Mary Ann Archer Lord. We thought you might like the enclosed photos for your website .” The home of Fallon’s grandfather Dr. Mark Wyman Richardson is shown on the 1910 map, a short distance further on Argilla Rd.)


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