Barton house, 24 Summer St., Ipswich

24 Summer Street, the William E. Barton house (1884)

From 1940 into the 21st Century, this was the home of Ervin Langmaid and his wife Mary Barton.

24 Summer Street Ipswich MA in 1891
This photo was taken in 1891. William B. Barton wrote that his mother, Mrs. William E. Barton was standing in the door. Her maiden name was Mary A. McCarthy. Sitting on the top steps are William J. Barton and Theresa Jane Barton. The little boy sitting on the lower step was Benny Ellsworth, who died as a child.
1884 Ipswich map

Barton property first appears in the 1884 Ipswich village map, apparently the house at 30 Summer Street, under the ownership of J. E. Barton. In the 1910 map this house is shown, belonging to William J. Barton.

1910 Ipswich map
24 Summer Street, the William E. Barton house (1885)

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