29 High Street, the Daniel Brown Smith house (1819)

29 High Street, the Daniel Brown Smith house (1819)

The 1832 “Philander” map of Ipswich shows the homes of Daniel Smith and Daniel P. Smith on High Street.

Thomas Franklin Waters made the following entry in his book Ipswich in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Vol. 1:

Joseph Brown died before 1694, and his estate was divided to his sons, John and Benjamin. John Brown, turner, granted in his will, proved in 1758, the residue of his real estate to his son Daniel (Pro. Rec. 335: 229). Daniel Brown bequeathed the improvement of his property to his widow Hannah, during her life or until her second marriage. He made his nephew, Daniel Smith, his sole heir. The will was approved, Jan. 4, 1796 (Pro. Rec. 364: 232).

Daniel Smith’s will, proved in 1844, provided for the division of his estate among his sons, Daniel Brown Smith, Thomas and Benjamin. The Probate Record noted that Daniel Smith was a Revolutionary pensioner, that he died on the 28th day of January, 1844, that he left no widow, and that he left seven children: Daniel B., Thomas, Benjamin, Polly Lord, Elizabeth Treadwell, Sarah Perkins, & Anna Kimball, all living and of full age” (Pro. Rec. 412: 315, 310). Thomas Smith received the homestead, and occupied it until his death at a great age, when he bequeathed it to his nephew Charles Smith, who removed the old buildings and built his present residence in the rear of the site of the homestead.

The Charles Smith house came into the posession of Brainard John Conley by 1910. The old Daniel Smith house appears to have been moved to Summer Street.

Daniel B. Smith, cabinet maker, had apparently already received a small section at the eastern edge of his father’s lot, and had built a house upon it, which he sold to his son, Nathaniel P. Smith, March 1, 1866 (707: 16). In the 1884 map, the house is owned by J. and H. A. Wells.

Daniel P. Smith house Ipswich ma

The Charles Smith house is on the left rear, and the Daniel P. Smith house is in the middle. The First Period Edward Brown house is on the right.

Tombstone of Daniel Smith at the Old North Burying Ground in Ipswich