291 Woods Lane, Ipswich MA

29 Woods Lane, A.L.R. Mahoney house (c 1900)

Built circa 1900, the house at 29 Woods Lane appears on the 1910 Ipswich map with the name “Mrs. A.L.K. Mahoney. The 1953 transfer of deed for the house at 29 Woods Lane from Maynard C. Jewett to Peter and Mildred Stamatakos reads as follows:

“A certain parcel of land with the buildings thereon situated on Wood’s Lane, formerly called Fruit Street, in said Ipswich, and bounded on said Wood’s Lane by land formerly of John Fannon, now or formerly of Spinney; thence running Northeasterly by said Spinney land about 139 1/2 ft to land formerly of Willcomb, now or formerly of Arthur Dow; thence running Southeasterly by said Dow land about 100 feet to land formerly of Josiah Wright, now or formerly of Bessie Atkinson, thence running Southwesterly by said Atkinson and about 139 1/2 feed to said Wood’s Lane; thence running Northwesterly by said Wood’s Lane 100 feet to said Spinney land and the point begun at.”

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