3 County Street, Ipswich MA

3 County Street, the William Treadwell house (1850)

The Ipswich Patriot Properties site indicates that the house at 3 County Street was constructed in 1850. The house does not appear on the Ipswich maps through 1910, at which time this tiny parcel was part of the two lots owned by Dr. Russell where East Street meets County Street. The 1884 birdseye map indicates that it may be a wing of the old Treadwell house which was removed from the other corner of East Street and Spring Street in order to widen the intersection. Construction of that house had begun in 1823 when it was sold to William Treadwell. The 1872 Ipswich map shows the East Street addition which may be this house.

The house at 3 County Street does not appear in the 1910 Ipswich map. The property at that time was owned by Dr. Russell. Note also that the intersection has been enlarged, and the A. Treadwell house no longer stands at the intersection.

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