320 Linebrook Rd., the Daniel Conant house (1875)

This building was one of a cluster of farmers’ or shoemakers’ cottages constructed on this stretch of Linebrook Rd. in the second half of the 19th century, and may be the surviving ell of an earlier building. The 1910 atlas shows a larger structure with ell, and the current owner says there are remnants of a granite foundation in the front yard. The house is significant as the home for many years of Daniel Conant, a member of the family which virtually dominated this stretch of Linebrook Road in the 19th Century and rose to prominence in the community. Daniel Conant was a farmer and brother of Deacon William F. Conant. Daniel’s widow Hannah occupied the property for many years after his death.

The Daniel Conant house, Linebrook Rd.
The Daniel Conant house in 1980

Source: MACRIS

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