The house at 341 Linebrook Road was owned in the mid 19th century by Joseph Conant, a shoemaker. It is one of a cluster of homes in the immediate area owned by the promient and extensive Conant family in the immediate neighborhood. The house appears to have originally been a two-bay-wide, story-and-one-third cottage with the chimney in the right-hand bay. The fireplace is supported in the cellar by a stone foundation. The attic framing of the central original single-cell portion has principal rafters and purlins, which existed primarily during the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. The Ipswich properties database gives a date of approximately 1700, while Ipswich Historical Commission documents date the house to 1835.

Joseph Conant house, Linebrook Road Ipswich MA
Photo circa 1980, Ipswich Historical Commission

There was a one-room addition to the right by 1850 or 1860. Before 1900 a lean-to had been added to the rear of the building. Two bays were added to the left end of the house c. 1900 and the lean-to extended behind it. Over the right-hand addition the principal rafters are butted together, an indication of its c. 1850 construction date. J. Spiller owned the property by 1910.

The Sullivan house at the corner of Topsfield and Mill Roads, and the old Spiller house that was removed.

This house appears to be similar to the Spiller house that was at the intersection of Topsfield Road and Mill Road, and was removed after the Sullivan house was built at that location. In 1840 William Warner Jr. sold a four acre lot at what was then known as Bush Hill Corner ( the newly constructed Mill Road and the road to Topsfield) to Samuel Spiller, who built a small house there in which he lived for about thirty years. In 1870, Spiller’s house and land were bought by Eugene Sullivan, who within 10 years had purchased over 70 acres of farm land extending from his house at Mill Road to the Ipswich River. The old Spiller house was removed or demolished.



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