The house at 341 Linebrook Road was owned in the mid 19th century by Joseph Conant, a shoemaker. It is one of a cluster of homes in the immediate area owned by the promient and extensive Conant family in the immediate neighborhood. The house appears to have originally been a two-bay-wide, story-and-one-third cottage with the chimney in the right-hand bay. The fireplace is supported in the cellar by a stone foundation.  The attic framing of the central original single-cell portion has principal rafters and purlins, which existed primarily during the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. The Ipswich properties database gives a date of approximately 1700, while the Ipswich Historical Commission documents date the house to 1835.

There was a one-room addition to the right by 1850 or 1860. Before 1900 a lean-to had been added to the rear of the building. Two bays were added to the left end of the house c. 1900 and the lean-to extended behind it. Over the right-hand addition the principal rafters are butted together, an indication of its c. 1850 construction date.

Source: MACRIS

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