The house at 347 Linebrook Rd. was the home of J. Foster, then owned by Cyrus William Conant (b. 1837, d. 1905), the son of Deacon William F. Conant. Cyrus Conant served in the Civil War. He is said to have been the strongest man in town and “could cut and pile four cords of four foot wood in a day, though not successive days” (Perley Genealogy, p. 336). Mr. Conant was a farmer and “one of his greatest pleasures in civil life was to relate his experiences during the war.”

This building is one of a cluster of story-and-one-third 19th century cottages, a popular Linebrook building type of the period. The interior of the house preserves simple Greek Revival finishes. The fireplace in the left-hand room has an oven with decorative cast iron door. In the right-hand room the mantelpiece mimics a simple Greek Revival frontispiece.

Source: MACRIS