35 Central St., Ipswich MA

35 Central St., the Caldwell-Copp house

The Oak Hill apartments building at 35 Central Street was constructed in 1880 by Joel Copp. The site was owned in the 19th Century by the Wildes family. Wilhelmenia Wildes sold the lot to Joel Caldwell in December 1879, who obtained additional frontage from Joseph H. Smith the same year. In 1891, Margaret and Lydia Caldwell sold the property with buildings thereon to Carlton Copp, who transferred the title to his wife in 1894.

Newspaper reports of the 1894 Central St. fire state: “Hattie Copp, who lived in the house on the bank was a school teacher in Boston and did not come home that night. She heard about it the next morning and came home. The clap boards were all charred, but otherwise the house was not damaged.”

In 2001 the Ipswich Municipal Building Reuse Committee secured grants for the purchase of Oak Hill to assist in development of the Memorial Building as seven elderly housing units. With additions and the Memorial Building, there are now 33 units of moderate-income, elderly or disabled housing at OakHill.

Screenshot from the 1893 Ipswich Birdseye map showing the Caldwell-Copp house in the center.


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