35 County St., Ipswich MA

35 County St., the Lydia and Reuben Daniels house (1863)

This house is not shown in the 1856 Ipswich ma. The 1872 and 1884 Ipswich maps show the owner of this house as “R. Daniels.” In 1861, Reuben Daniels was the surveyor of the port of Ipswich, and was among the citizens who pledged to support the families of men who were fighting in the Civil War.

In 1862 Abraham Wait sold this property to Lydia (Fuller) Daniels for $150.00, and Augustine Heard sold an (apparently) adjoining parcel to Reuben Daniels for $130.00. (book=717, page 209). No buildings are mentioned. In 1868, Lydia Daniels, wife of Reuben Daniels mortgaged the property “in my own right” to Abraham D. Wait for $1200.00. (book 739, page 193). It is assumed that Lydia and Reuben Daniels built the house on the property between 1862 and and the time of the 1868 mortgage. The Italianate features of the house confirm the architectural period.

The 1896 Ipswich Directory lists Reuben Daniels, occupation shoes, his home at County St. near the mill. His work address in the 1888 Ipswich directory was Shoes, Farley and Daniels at 11 County St. The Agawam Manual and Directory tells us that Farley & Daniels succeeded Perkins & Daniels in 1884. Read: Daniels Shoe factory, 17 County St.