38 High Street Ipswich MA

38 High Street, the Joseph N. Caldwell house (c 1875)

This or an adjoining lot was transferred from Elizabeth D. lord, widow of John Lord Jr. shipmaster, who died intestate, and as guardian of their minor children by public auction to Nathaniel Caldwell, December 10, 1861. (Salem Deeds: Book and pages 631-174, 175, 176). $258 was paid by Nathaniel Caldwell for half an acre with a dwelling house and other buildings thereon, bordered northerly by High St., easterly by other lands of Nathaniel Caldwell, southerly by land of Luther Lord. and westerly by Mary Brown, being part of the real estate of the late John Lord, on September 1860,

The court awarded the property to Nathaniel Caldwell by public auction for $516.00. December 20, 1861. (Salem Deeds: 631-177). Nathaniel Caldwell transferred to Joseph N. Caldwell half an acre with buildings on it, December 17, 1861.

Lull Caldwell house, Ipswich MA
The old William Caldwell house on High Street. William Varrell wrote that it was taken down in the summer of 1879. The house at 38 High Street is on the right .(the lighting makes the window sashes difficult to see.)
High Street in the 19th Century
19th Century photo of High Street in Ipswich by George Dexter. 38 High Street is second from the right.
1856 Ipswich map
The 1856 map shows that J. N. Caldwell and John Lord were neighbors.
1872 Ipswich map
The 1872 map shows J. N. Caldwell at this location,. The N Caldwell house appears to be the William Caldwell house that was torn down. The Joseph N. Caldwell house was already standing when the house was demolished. (see photo below)
1884 Ipswich map
The 1884 map shows the house owned by J. W. Caldwell
1910 Ipswich map
The 1910 Ipswich map shows the owner as Mrs. J. Caldwell.