41-47 South Main St., R. W. Davis dealership (1930)

In 1909 Ernest Courier constructed a building at 47 S. Main St. as a bicycle and horseless carriage garage, but it burned down a year later. He reconstructed and opened Currier’s Garage in the location. To its right is the 1727 home of Dr. Joseph Manning, which was being used as a bicycle shop.
R. W. Davis, Ipswich MA
In 1915 Dick Davis became the owner of the garage
Ipswich South Main Street auto dealership
In 1922 Davis purchased the old Manning house, moved it up South Main St. closer to the bridge where it still stands, and enlarged his operations with a new brick building under the name R. W. Davis Co., Motor Cars & Trucks.
R. W. Davis Company motor cars and trucks, Ipswich
R.W. Davis Co.
41-47 S. Main St. Ipswich
41-47 S. Main today. The two buildings currently house Anntiques.