44 Central Street

44 Central St., the Ellen V. Lang house (c 1885)

The 1884 Ipswich map shows a house set back from Central St., belonging to “Mrs. Wildes.” In 1888, The Agawam Manual and Directory by M.V. B. Perley, shows the following residences:

  • Lang E. V. Mrs, Central corner of Hammatt
  • Lang George T, clerk (Boston) h Central corner of Hammatt
  • Lang Nellie V, Central corner of Hammatt.

This house is shown in the 1893 Ipswich Birdseye map. The 1910 Ipswich map shows this house belonging to “Mrs. Lang.” In 1887 Ellen Lang sold Wilhelmina Wildes, the stepdaughter of Abraham Hammatt, a small lot. (Book 1189, page 167). In 1932 the estate of the late Ellen V. Lang sold 1/2 to Ernest Courier (2921,66) and transferred 1/2 to George Lang ( 2921,472). Ellen Lang and members of her family are buried at the Old South Cemetery in Ipswich:

  • BIRTH 4 May 1858
  • DEATH 14 Jun 1931 (aged 73)


A. H Wildes sold the lot at 80 Central St. for $1.00 To Malachi Nolan in 1877 (Salem Deeds book and page 986/188).