48 East St., Ipswich MA

48 East St., the Tyler Caldwell house (1860)

This house does not appear in the 1856 Ipswich map, and first appears in the 1872 Ipswich map with the owner shown as “C. Caldwell.” In the 1884 map the owner is “T. Caldwell” and in 1910 the house is owned by “Mrs. T. Caldwell.” The Historical Commission sets the date of construction as 1860, and the Ipswich assessors database list it as 1849.

The owner of this house was apparently Tyler Caldwell (1819-1898), son of Francis Caldwell and Lydia Hovey who lived on this property. The Hovey family owned the lots along the north side of East St. to Wainwright Street, originally deeded to John Winthrop Jr., although it is unknown if he built a house here.

The Ipswich Chronicle recorded the obituary of Tyler Caldwell in 1898:

“Tyler Caldwell was stricken with paralysis, and was ill but four days. He was born Jan. 1, 1819 and was the third son of the late Francis Caldwell. Three of his five brothers died more suddenly than he, — they died instantly.

In 1860, Tyler married Mrs. Prime, a widow, with one daughter, now Mrs. Daniel Wells. Mrs. Caldwell died in August, 1876. leaving a son and daughter, Francis Caldwell, of Providence, and Mrs. Mary Caldwell Thorndyke, of Loveland, Colorado.

He was a man of thrift and industry, and amassed a comfortable property; respected in the town and well-beloved in the neighborhood where he lived.”

The Hovey book also describes him as “a man of thrift and industry.” The Hovey family owned houses on both sides of the Caldwell house in the 19th Century maps, And Mrs. F Hovey owned the house at 52 East St. in the 1910 map.

Tyler Caldwell is buried at the Old North Burying Ground with his wife Frances A Prince, whom he outlived. The Salem Deeds site show that numerous properties were sold by the estate of Tyler Caldwell et al, including a property on East St in 1894, but not this house.

The 1893 Ipswich Town Report shows the following evaluation for the home of Tyler Caldwell:

“Tyler Caldwell, East st., 1 poll, money at interest, $1000, house $900, house $500, house Grant $600, out-buildings $300, ware house $50, house lot and orchard $300, house lot Grant $100, marsh 8 acres $160. Total $3910″