48 Jeffreys Neck Rd. Ipswich

48 Jeffreys Neck Road, the Hannah Aspell house, 1854

Map from Thomas Franklin Waters, “Jeffreys Neck and the Way Leading Thereto” shows the ancient farm of Nathaniel Treadwell. (#7) granted in the 17th Century

The Nathaniel Treadwell farm

Thomas Franklin Waters wrote in his book, “Jeffreys Neck and the Way Leading Thereto,” that the ancient Nathaniel Treadwell farm continued in the family line for nearly two hundred years.

48 Jeffreys Neck Road, the Hannah Aspell house, 1854 map
1872 Ipswich map shows the Aspell house.

“Deacon Treadwell sold a two-acre lot on Jan. 9, 1850 (422:212) to Nathaniel Scott, Trustee for Hannah Lumbur Aspell, wife of Larry Aspell, which Mr. Scott conveyed to Hannah, Dec. 13, 1854 (004:85). She sold to Mary Jane Lombard, wife of Samuel Lombard of Boston, June 29, 1881 (1074:- 109).” (T.F. Waters) (*Hanna Aspell and Larry Lumbur married in 1849)

1910 map of 48 Jeffreys Neck Road, the Hannah Aspell house, 1854
1910 map shows the owner as R. S. Lombard. The barn was later connected to the house.

In 1900 Samuel Lombard purchased another home, across the road, adjoining the Payne Farm:

“Nathaniel Scott bought a parcel (across the road bordering the Payne Farm) Twenty-four long years, Mr. Scott worked on the upland and the marsh. He built a new house in 1838 and ten years later, on April 3, 1848, he sold the farm to his son-in-law, George Hodgdon, who had married his daughter, Sarah, Sept. 1, 1831 (1618:354). George Hodgdon sold a small lot, an acre and three-quarters, in the extreme northwest corner of the farm, bounded by the highway and land of Greenwood, to Elizabeth Abbott, wife of Charles M. Abbott, for $200, Dec. 29, 1874. She mortgaged it for $100 to Mr. Hodgdon “except a space in the north-west corner, on which to build a house.” (922 :158). Charles M. and Elizabeth Abbott mortgaged house and land to Nathan Jewett, June 1, 1875 (961:174) and in default of payment, Jewett sold to Charles Jewett, May 15, 1879 (1017:253), who conveyed to John T. Sherburne, May 15, 1879 (1018:262). Mr Sherburne mortgaged to Nathan Jewett, May 15 (1018:263) and sold to him May 27, 1880, (1038:157). Mr. Jewett sold to Matilda, wife of Charles Jcwctt, She gave mortgages to Nathan, who assigned to G Jcwctt, and in default of payment he sold to Richard S. Lombard, June 21, 1900 (1613:77). ” (T. F. Waters)

The following history was told by Fr. Lombard, a descendent of early owners who prior to his death lived in the house across the street from this property.

“The land was designated in 1795 in Registry of Deeds and built upon in 1850. Treadwell sold it for grazing in 1850. Hannah & Larry Aspell bought land and built a small 2 room building on it. In 1880 Hannah sold the property to the Lombard family – originally from Chelsea/Charlestown area – as a summer residence. They added a barn, second floor and kitchen. In 1920/21 they added an el in the living room to the 2nd floor for a sunroom. In late 1930.s Mrs. Lombard died and property went to Mary Lombard, her daughter. Mary Lombard sold the property to her daughter and son-in-law, Paul & Agnes Jodoin. They had built a Cape next door previously. The house across the street had been built by that time. It was inherited by Fr. Lombard from his mother. The Jodoins turned the barn into living quarters in 1955. A newly married daughter needed housing so they put in a kitchen, bath, etc. The Jodoins sold the house to Dwayne & Mary Mallet in 1967. The property was then sold to Lou & Joyce Geoffrion in November, 1969 who added a back porch in October, 1976 and eventually used the barn side for their teenage daughters. The house was purchased in 1982 by Richard & Janis Stern. A back porch was removed and a room added in 1988.”

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