55 Waldingfield Rd., “Waldingfield” (1916)

Waldingfield estate, Waldingfield Rd., Ipswich

The Waldingfield estate today

Excerpt from “Of Farms and Family” by the Trustees of Reservations:

Randolph Morgan Appleton, also know as “Budd,” was the second son of Daniel Fuller Appleton. Born on Staten Island in 1862, he grew up summering at the Old House and graduated from Harvard in 1884. In 1888, he married Helen K. Mixter of Boston and had three daughters: Madeleine, Julia and Sybil. In 1889, Budd and Helen bought the Waldingfield Road property that had once been the Samuel Appleton homestead. They enlarged their estate by incorporating the existing early house into a large new house, and called it “Waldingfield” after the English town of Little Waldingfield from which the Appletons descended. That house was destroyed by fire in 1916. A new house was later built by his daughter, Julia, and her husband, Charles Bird.

Waldingfield estate, 1898

The original Waldingfield estate, constructed in 1898 on the north side of Waldingfield Rd., was destroyed by fire in 1916.


The early Samuel Appleton house, which stood at the location of the Waldingfield estate.

Waldingfield estate, Ipswich MA

The 1898 Waldingfield Estate, with the early home of Samuel Appleton attached in the rear. They both burned in the fire of 1916.


The ancient Samuel Appleton house was attached to the rear of “Waldingfield”

Julia Bird Reservation

Julia Bird Reservation

The 59 acre Julia Bird Reservation adjacent to the Waldingfield estate is part of Essex County Greenbelt, and features a network of protected open space and  trails along the Ipswich River. Two parking spots are provided on Waldingfield Road near the railroad overpass.

Waldingfield Schoolhouse Ipswich MA

The former Waldingfield Schoolhouse sits on this property