The Hoyt house on Waldingfield Rd.

58 Waldingfield Rd., the Hoyt house (c 1885)

This boxy, white, house on Waldinfield Rd. adjoining Appleton Farms is all that remains of the “Hoyt House,” the summer residence of May Appleton Hoyt and her family. Mary “May” Eliza Appleton Hoyt (1860-1927) was the youngest daughter of Daniel Fuller Appleton of New York and Julia Randall Appleton. She married (in 1881) Gerald L. Hoyt, a partner in the firm Maitland, Coppell & Co. Bankers in New York City. His parents were Lydig Munson Hoyt and Blanche Geraldine Livingston of New York. Most of the Hoyt house was demolished by Col. Frank Appleton Jr.