6 Agawam Avenue, the Augustine Carey – Captain John Hobbs house (1855)

6 Agawam Avenue, the Augustine Carey - Captain John Hobbs house

This house was built in 1855 by Augustus C. Carey. He sold the house in 1865 to John Hobbs. Captain Hobbs recruited two companies of Ipswich men during the Civil War, one of which he led to the front. In the attack on Newborn, the Capt. suffered from a head injury caused by the concussion of a cannon ball. He was obliged to resign and return to Ipswich, where he bought this house.

  • Hobbs, Charles H. 21 Enlisted in Boston, MI. 11/29/1861, MO. 11/28/1864, Coxwain, USS Arthur, USS Dacotah, USS Cambridge.
  • Hobbs, John 45 Enlisted in Ipswich, Cotton Broker, MI. 9/11/1861, MO. 7/18/1862, Captain, GAR #91
  • Hobbs, Odillion Barrett died as a midshipman at home on October 1, 1860, and is listed in the US Naval Academy Virtual Memorial Hall.
  • Hobbs, Vallorus C. 21 Enlisted in Ipswich, Mariner, MI. 7/5/1861, Sergeant, MO. 7/20/1865, Discharged for Disability, Bounty $325.00

The Hobbs house is a particularly fine example of the Greek Revival style in Ipswich. Dentils which trim the porch, windows, and cornice, and two large French windows are notable features in this building.

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Captain John Hobbs house, Agawam Avenue, Ipswich MA
1978 photo by the Ipswich Historical Commission

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