This house was built in 1855 by Augustus C. Carey. He sold the house in 1865 to John Hobbs. Captain Hobbs recruited two companies- of Ipswich men during the Civil T:ar, one of which he led to the front. In the attack on Newborn, the Capt. suffered from a head injury caused by the concussion of a cannon ball. He was obliged to resign and return to Ipswich, where he bought this house.

The Hobb’ s house is a particularly fine example of the Greek Revival style in Ipswich. Dentils which trim the porch, windows, and cornice, and two large French windows are notable features in this building.

  • Description by Margaret E. Welden for the Ipswich Historical Commission, June 1, 1978.
  • Featured image provided by Ipswich Patriot Properties.
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Captain John Hobbs house, Agawam Avenue, Ipswich MA
1978 photo by the Ipswich Historical Commission