6 Highland Ave., Ipswich MS

6 Highland Ave., the George Spencer Sr. house (c 1880)

The house at 6 Highland Ave. is not shown on the 1872 Ipswich map but appears on the 1884 map and the 1893 Birdseye map. The “gable and ell” form of your house was quite popular around 1880. The 1888 Ipswich directory lists the residence of George Spencer, mason, on Highland Ave. In 1881, Spencer mortgaged to Ipswich Savings Bank a parcel of land for $800.00 (Salem deeds Book 1061, Page 183). Spencer’s heirs deeded all or part of the remaining estate to his son Dr. George A. Spencer in 1897.

1893 Birdseye Map of Ipswich.
Screenshot from the 1893 Birdseye Map of Ipswich. The land and house at 6 Highland, was owned by George Spencer II in the 1910 map and is still standing.