6 Hovey Street, the Thomas Foulds Ellsworth house (1866)

6 Hovey Street, the Thomas Ellsworth house

Thomas Franklin Waters wrote that Thomas Newmarch sold the lot at the corner of Hovey and Water Streets to Nathaniel Mansfield in 1773, and that “they and the old house near the modern dwelling are well remembered.”

The 1856 map identifies this lot as “B. Ellsworth.” Benjamin Noyes Ellsworth, born in Rowley, was appointed keeper of the Ipswich Range lighthouse on Crane Beach by Abraham Lincoln in 1861 and remained in the post until his death in 1902. He was responsible for several rescues of shipwreck victims during his long stay. After his wife died, he was accompanied at the Lighthouse by his daughter Susan Treadwell Ellsworth. The Ellsworth family in Ipswich are descendants of Jeremiah Ellsworth, who was born in Cambridgeshire, England in 1626 and settled in Rowley.

The 1872 Ipswich village map shows the owner to be “T. Ellsworth.” Searching the Salem Deeds site we find that Thomas F. Ellsworth sold the property with a house to Howard C. Dodge in 1887 for $2650.00, noting a separate mortgage to Ruth Prouty (book 01205, page 538), “being the same premises conveyed to said Thomas F. Ellsworth by Richard Russell (book 716, page 84) for $233.00, December 1866, “known as the Mansfield Estate.” Carolyn Heard Peatfield (1913-2009) noted that Charles Austin Ellsworth was born Dec 11, 1864 and Mary Louisa Ellsworth was born Jan 13 1853, both in “the old house on Hovey St. The new house is now owned by Raymond Dodge.”

Captain Thomas Foulds Ellsworth was born on November 12, 1840. Three Ellsworth brothers fought in the Civil War. After the Civil War, Ellsworth worked as an officer of the Boston Custom House. In the 1890s, he moved to Pasadena, California where he and his son ran a contracting business. The Medal of Honor was awarded to Captain Ellsworth in 1895.


The Thomas Ellsworth house soon after it was constructed in 1867

Captain Benjamin Ellsworth

(from Descendants of Jeremiah Ellsworth of Rowley)

Captain Benjamin Ellsworth, son of William,was born in Rowley, Mass., January 13, 1813  died in Ipswich Beach, Mass., February 21, 1902.

  • He married (1st) January 29, 1837, Susan Treadwell, who was born on April 9, 1812 and died August 3, 1839, aged 27 years, the daughter of Capt. Moses and Mary Treadwell.
  • He married (2nd) April 12, 1840 Mrs. Lanus (Titus) Ellsworth of Salem, Mass., born September 11, 1810 and died in August 1867, the widow of Timothy Jewett Ellsworth.
  • He married (3rd) June 26, 1869, Jane (Nash) Rowell, widow of William Rowell. She died in January 1895.

Children by first wife:

  • Benjamin Franklin Ellsworth, born September 30, 1837
  • Susan Treadwell Ellsworth (1)  buried October 8, 1839; aged about 4 months.

Children by second wife:

  • Thomas Foulds Ellsworth born November 12, 1840
  • William Merrill Ellsworth born April 15, 1842; drowned June 15, 1845
  • Wilbur Fiske Ellsworth, born March 20, 1843
  • William Merrill Ellsworth born May 3, 1845. His house still stands on Summer St.
  • Jason Lee Ellsworth born June 8, 1847
  • Susan Treadwell Ellsworth (2)  born September 10, 1848. After her mother died, she lived with and assisted Benjamin Ellsworth as the Lighthouse keeper.
  • Charles Austin Ellsworth born December 11, 1851
  • Mary Louisa Ellsworth born January 13, 1853
  • Abram Ellsworth born September 22, 1854; died October 6, 1854.


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