6 Meetinghouse Green, the Captain Israel Pulcifer house (1812)

6 Meetinghouse Green, the Captain Israel Pulcifer house (1812)

Alexander Lovell built a house at this location between 1700 and 1715. The Lovell residence was inherited by his daughter Sarah, wife of Joseph Pulcifer. On the night of June 9, 1811 the original house burned with most of its contents. A boy, Abraham Burnham (who died at a good old age) was sleeping in the house and forgotten until the last moment.

Captain Pulcifer proceeded at once to rebuild and made request that his line might be extended into the Green ten feet. In view of the great loss he had suffered the town granted the request. Originally a hip-roof Federal style house, restoration in the 1870’s added a Second Empire mansard roof. Miraculously, all original woodwork, wainscoting, molding, ornamental trim, a Samuel McIntire inspired carved mantle and Vermont slate roof all survived these changes and have been renovated to their original condition.

Israel Pulsifer house, Meeting House Green, Ipswich


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