68 Essex Rd., Ipswich

68 Essex Rd., the Levi Brown house (1832)

The land on which this house sits was originally granted to Nathaniel Rogers and Thomas Low. George W. Heard sold an acre and a half to Levi Brown, who had bought a half acre from his father, March 21, 1832. He built a dwelling and other buildings. He quitclaimed to his brother, Francis, who sold to Henry S. Holmes, 2 acres and buildings, March 9, 1842 (330: IS), Holmes to Willard B. Kinsman, April 1, 1851 (456: 112), who enlarged the house on the front. That section was moved around 1950 to 74 Essex Rd.

68 Essex Rd.
68 Essex Road as the front section was being prepared for its move to #74. The house at #68 was restored and the central chimney was added at that time.
1832 Ipswich map
1832 map showing the houses of Levi and John Brown.