7 Linebrook Rd., Ipswich MA

7 Linebrook Rd. (1914)

The date of construction for the house at 7 Linebrook Rd. is listed on the Ipswich Patriot Properties site as 1914, but is unverified. The 1910 map shows this house and the house at 5 Linebrook Road on the same lot, owned by “G. Woodbury.” There is a tradition that 5 Linebrook was originally at this location and was moved, and this house was built where 5 Linebrook previously was. A fence between the two properties runs through the middle of an old shed building. An examination of the brick foundation does not provide evidence of an earlier building. The main section of the house has floor joists with sash saw marks, while the joists under the wing on the right side have circular saw marks, which first begin to appear around 1830; by 1900 circular saws had replaced nearly all the sash sawmills.

The 1910 map and the 1893 Ipswich Birdseye map show a house at this location without the right wing. The house does not appear in the 1884 map. The Ipswich assessors site describes the lot as .19 acres.

The house next door at 5 Linebrook Road sits on .185 acres and first appears in the 1856 map and 1872 maps, belonging to L. Dorr. In the 1884 map that house belongs to “Mrs. Dorr.” but no record is found in the Essex Deeds for ownership of this house by “Dorr.”)

Deeds and maps

  • Dec. 16, 1851: John Lane to Richard Lane, 1/4 acre by Railroad with buildings. (book 454, page 296)
  • The 1856 map shows the property owned by E. E. Lane
  • March 30, 1898: Edwin and Etta Geyer (inherited from Lane) to Charles Woodbury, $1300.00, 1/4 acre by Railroad with buildings. (book 1545, page 151)
  • May 20, 1920: Agnes Woodbury to Sarah Stone, $1000.00, 1/4 acre by Railroad with buildings. (book 2462, page 294)