79 East St., Ipswich MA

79 East St., Curran house (c 1870)

The house at 79 East Street was constructed in the late 19th Century with the popular “High Post Cape” architectural style, which is found in several Ipswich neighborhoods. Thanks to current owner Debra Jacobson for the photo and history below:

The 1872 Ipswich map shows a house with this configuration with the name T. Curran. Two acres “with the buildings thereon” at or near this location was sold for $100 by Timothy and Julia Curran in 1859 to Israel K. Jewett, who owned adjoining property. (Book 595, page 240).

On April 11, 1854, Thomas R. Grandfield sold “tillage land” located at 79 East Street to Timothy Curran for $175 ($5,147 by today’s currency value). [Salem Deeds Book 493, page 14]. In 1859 Timothy and Julia Curran were deeded a $100 mortgage for the property by Ipswich merchant Israel Kinsman Jewett (Book 595, page 240). In that same year, two acres “with the buildings thereon” were sold or mortgaged for $100 by Timothy and Julia Curran to Israel K. Jewett (Book 595, page 240).

The 1872 Ipswich map shows a house with this configuration with the name T. Curran.” Timothy was born in Ireland in 1824 and immigrated from County Kerry, Ireland. He married Julia Lombard (also of Ireland) in Ipswich in 1846. They had five children.

On March 6, 1875 Timothy Curran, Jr. sold the property to James S. Glover [Book 928, page 138]. Glover never lived there. Based on US Census records, the property was rented to the Brocklebank, Dodge and Lane families from about 1880 to 1933.

On March 24, 1933 Alexander B. C. Mulholland purchased 79 East Street (Book 2947, page 319). In 1967, Mona Mulholland sold 79 East Street to her son Alexander Jr. and wife Judith (Book 5458, page 58). In 1998 Andrew and Debra Jacobson purchased 79 East Street (Book 15342, page 338).