8 Linebrook Rd., the C. Chester Caldwell house

8 Linebrook Rd, Ipswich MA
8 Linebrook Rd, Ipswich MA

In September 1867, Joseph and Joanna Ross sold Daniel R. Caldwell this lot without a house (Salem Deeds, Book=729, Page=147). The 1872, 1884 and 1910 Ipswich maps show the owner as “C. Caldwell,” and the residence of Daniel R. Caldwell on High St.

C. Chester Caldwell inherited the house from Daniel R. Caldwell through probate in 1920, and sold the property with the house on it in January 1924. (Salem Deeds Book Book 2444, Page 366). His first name is uncertain. A person by the name of C. Chester Caldwell was a long-time member of the Ipswich Board of Assessors. A Clarence Chester Caldwell (1876-1956) is buried at Highland Cemetery, but his parents are shown as John and Sarah Caldwell.

Earlier photos of this house show it with 2 front doors, indicating a 2 family house.

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