80 Central Street

80 Central Street, the Malachi Nolan house (1877)

Dr. Asabel H. Wildes sold a parcel of land on Central Street to Malachi Nolan in 1874 (book 902 / page 183), and “a certain parcel of land” “situate on the Southwesterly side of Central Street” bordering on “land of Nolan” and Farley Brook for $1.00 to Malachi Nolan in 1877 (Salem Deeds book and page 986/188). The 1884 Ipswich map shows the owner of the house on this lot as “M. Nolan.” The 1872 map shows that Dr. Wildes owned a sizeable stretch of land on both sides of today’s Hammatt Street to Farley Brook, which he and his wife sold off in lots as Central Street came to be developed.

In 1911 Mary Marshall, daughter of Malach Nolan, deceased, combined the three Nolan parcels at this location into one, “with the buildings thereon” and sold them to Charles A. Sayward (book 2067, page 68). The 1910 map shows a house at this location with a wing, belonging to “Mrs. Marshall.”

80 Central Street in 2020