80 Essex Rd., the Nathaniel and Joanna Kinsman house (c 1770)

The 1910 map shows 94 Essex Road, the William G. Horton house (c 1900), and this house at #80 owned by A. B. Fellows. Thomas Franklin Waters wrote a history of this property in “Some Old Roads” in his two volume set, Ipswich and the Massachusetts Bay Colony:

“The farm now owned by the heirs of the late Alonzo B. Fellows, was originally part of the great farm granted by the Town to John Winthrop Jr. It covered the whole area between the Argilla Road and the Essex Road. Deputy Governor Samuel Symonds, the next owner, sold a small tract to his former servant, Edward Bragg, in 1658. He acquired adjoining lots by later purchase and built his dwelling well back from the road, in the rear of the large bam of the present Fellows farm. In his old age, Mr. Bragg conveyed his estate to his son Timothy. The Bragg farm included the land now owned by the Fellows heirs and William G. Horton. The Horton farm also includes a second section of the original Argilla farm, which was owned by Elisha and Benjamin Brown. Another section of the Argilla farm was owned by John Choate and his heirs and later by Nathaniel Kinsman and his heirs.

Nathaniel Kinsman, son of Aaron and Hannah, was, born in Ipswich, Oct. 17, 1795; he married Joanna Brown, Dec. 16, 1828. She was born in Ipswich, April 12, 1798, the daughter of Tristram and Joanna (Baker) Brown, and died July 28, 1832. He resided in Ipswich, and died July 18, 1864. Joseph Marshall of Marblehead (1830-1915) married Abigail Kinsman (1831-1911), the daughter of Nathaniel Kinsman, who inherited part of the Kinsman farm.

Joanna Kinsman, another daughter of Nathaniel, sold her half interest to Joseph Marshall and Abby, sister of Joanna, April 5, 1866 (874: 184). The old Kinsman house, which had weathered a century, was removed by Mr. Marshall to a new site east of its original location (to 80 Essex Rd.), and the large new buildings (at #94 Essex Rd.) were erected on the old spot.”


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